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2017 – Records Broken and a Little Love for the Hydroflux Group

Christmas is always a good time for a little reflection on the year that was and what we have accomplished. 2017 was, for all of us at Hydroflux, a very special year with numerous records broken and a little love shared.


A few highlights from the Hydroflux Group’s 2017 year:
• ­ Who Thought Changing a Company Name Could be so Much Work?:

Hydroflux EpcoHydroflux Epco – Having spent the year following the acquisition of EPCO Australia moulding Hydroflux HUBER’s and EPCO Australia’s municipal wastewater teams, products and services together into the most comprehensive professional range available in Australia, December saw the public release of the new combined powerhouse brand to the market! Luckily timed to perfection with the Christmas break just around the corner for some exhausted staff…
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• ­ Largest AEROSTRIP® Installation Ever – Period:

AerostripSo how many kilometres of AEROSTRIP does it take to win this title? 14.4 kilometres (yes you read that correctly) – Australian’s Woodman Point STP is officially the largest AEROSTRIP installation in the world, narrowly beating the earlier title holder Delcora STP installation in the USA with 13.9km!
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• ­ Australia Fell in Love with Hydroflux HUBER’S Q-PRESS®:

Hydroflux Q-PRESSWith its unique properties meaning even on difficult WAS applications where an unmatchable 18% dry solids is achievable, plus the 90% savings in power and 0.5rpm speeds, the HUBER Q-PRESS caused the demise of centrifuges and belt presses in many municipal and industrial sludge dewatering applications.
A record number of Australian authorities or businesses took the plunge this year, so much so, there is now a Tesla style production wait-list for the machines.
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• ­ Size is Never and Issue?

Hydroflux Dissolved Air FlotationThe Hydroflux HyDAF HD Dissolved Air Flotation Units have, due to their robust build, standard hoppered base and sustainable design been the choice of industry, especially the food and beverage industry for quite some time now. With 90% of orders being in the 10-100kL/hr range, Hydroflux was somewhat surprised this year to receive 3 separate orders for 200kL/hr units in as many months. Hydroflux can supply free standing DAF systems capable of treating up to 500 kL/hr.
        Click here for the full news article.

• ­ ­First for Queensland as it Adopts the GT-DAF:

Hydroflux Food Court DAFThe trend in shopping centres, possibly to help combat the move to online shopping, is ever larger food courts and consequently we are seeing more and more commercial wastewater from these traditionally domestic locations. Most of the leading shopping centre chains in Sydney have installed the Hydroflux GT-DAF to treat this wastewater, however in a first, Gold Coast City Council in QLD recently approved the installation of a Hydroflux GT-DAF at Jupiter’s Casino.
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And 2018?

Well watch this space as Hydroflux has a few surprises in the pipeline. The new year will see our newest international office being opened and some great quality/OHS news for our staff and clients alike and maybe something new to deal with that pesky PFAS issue that is bamboozling everyone…

We at Hydroflux are eternally grateful for the support of both consultants and our clients who have made this last year a great 2017 for Hydroflux in many ways.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. We hope you enjoy the holidays and look forward to working with you, and setting a few more records, again in the New Year.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group comprises seven companies based in Australia and the UK, providing specialist design and build, equipment, processes and operational services in water and wastewater treatment and sludge treatment and dewatering. The Hydroflux Group are the exclusive Australian representatives for HUBER Technology, AEROSTRIP, CNP Technologies, Aeromix, Flootech MBBR, Dutch Spiral and Organica Water and incorporates EPCO Australia.

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