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Hydroflux Appointed as Exclusive Australian Agent for Organica Water

Hydroflux was recently appointed as Organica Water’s only Australian agent to sell their wastewater treatment technology that can transform a conventional sewage or industrial wastewater treatment plant into a botanic garden.
Organica STP Outside

Organica Wastewater Treatment Plant

Organica’s Food Chain Reactor (FCR) process uses plant roots growing into the effluent encouraging bacteria and living organisms to develop. This creates a completely natural form of treatment providing significant reductions in space, energy use and operating costs.

Organica STP inside

Inside View of an Organica STP

An Organica plant is specifically designed to look like a greenhouse or garden.

“Nobody wants to live or work near a sewage treatment plant but Organica’s activated sludge technology completely alters what a plant can look like and where it can be installed.

The Organica process also matches our own company vision to provide sustainable solutions to Australian water authorities and industrial clients by creating a greener plant with a smaller environmental footprint,” said John Koumoukelis, Director, Hydroflux Group.

There are 50 operating references for Organica in Europe, Asia and North America. The technology is being successfully used for decentralised solutions, new treatment plants, retrofits and industrial applications.

About the Hydroflux Group

The Hydroflux Group operates in a number of sectors via unified complementary businesses, each engaged in the supply of specialist professional services and products to the water, wastewater and sustainability market. Hydroflux Technology Pty Ltd is an Australian private company.