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Hydroflux Engineering division expands to larger offices

hydroflux group officeHydroflux Engineering Staff have relocated to new larger premises in Sutherland NSW. All engineering activities including design, project management and research and development will be undertaken from Endeavour House in the Southern Sydney suburb of Sutherland.

Adrian Minshull said “Our businesses have grown considerably in the last two years. All divisions are far exceeding sales expectations and the number of staff currently employed required a significant upgrade. We are planning well into the future when we will require more engineering staff covering a wide variety of disciplines in conjunction with a considerable boost to the development of a range of new and innovative wastewater treatment products and equipment.”

The Hydroflux Group, Endeavour House, Suite 302, 3-5 Stapleton Avenue, Sutherland NSW, 2232.

About the Hydroflux Group
The Hydroflux Group operates in a number of sectors via unified complementary businesses, each engaged in the supply of specialist professional services and products to the water, wastewater and sustainability market. Hydroflux Pty Ltd is an Australian private company.